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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Facebook Claims Its Political Ads Are Too Small to Comply With FEC Regulations

Posted in FEC Regulations

The Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) has promulgated extensive regulations requiring political advertisements to include disclaimers notifying viewers about who has paid for such ads.  In certain situations where it would be impracticable to include disclaimers, the FEC provides exceptions, but how do these exceptions apply to the small advertisements commonly found on the Internet? Facebook… Continue Reading

Real News About Fake News Sites

Posted in FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) recently asked federal courts to shut down ten websites that touted the purported benefits of acai berry weight-loss products.  These were not your average promotional sites:  Each was convincingly designed to have the look and feel of a news reporting site.  For example, the headline of one site read, “Acai… Continue Reading

Google’s Mobile Device Tracking Raises Privacy Concerns

Posted in Privacy

Google’s recent announcement that it is preparing to offer behaviorally targeted ads for mobile devices has led to concerns regarding the tracking required to implement such functionality.  Online behavioral advertising has typically been implemented using cookies placed through a user’s web browser when the user visits a website.  Mobile devices, however, often access the Internet… Continue Reading

NLRB Gets Worked Up Over Social Media Policies

Posted in Employment Law

The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) remains vigilant regarding the interaction between social media and the workplace, and has continued to focus on the impact of restrictive social media policies on employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”).  In an effort to issue uniform guidance on this emerging issue, all NLRB regional offices… Continue Reading

Do Consumers Have Property Rights in Their Personal Information Collected by Website Operators?

Posted in Privacy

When consumers sue online service providers for data breaches involving such consumers’ personally identifiable information (“PII”), courts routinely dismiss such suits based on the failure to allege an “injury in fact” as required to establish constitutional standing — see, for example, the decisions in Bell v. Acxiom Corporation and Amburgy v. Express Scripts, Inc.  In… Continue Reading

Twitter World Records, Social Widgets as Data Tools, and More

Posted in Status Updates

10 Million Monsters! Marking a truly historic social media milestone, Lady Gaga became the first Twitter user with more than 10 million followers.  According to reports, the entertainer noted this achievement with a Tweet saying “10MillionMonsters!  I’m speechless, we did it!  Its an illness how I love you.  Leaving London smiling.” Netflix Traffic Reports are… Continue Reading