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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Should We All Be Getting the Twitter “Jitters”? Be Careful What You Say Online (Particularly in the United Kingdom)

Posted in Ethics, Litigation

History is littered with examples of the law being slow to catch up with the use of technology.  Social media is no exception.  As our Socially Aware blog attests, countries around the world are having to think fast to apply legal norms to rapidly evolving communications technologies and practices. Law enforcement authorities in the United… Continue Reading

Maryland Enacts First Law Prohibiting Employers From Requesting Passwords to Employees’ Online Personal Accounts

Posted in Employment Law, Privacy

In our recent Socially Aware blog post, we noted that a number of pending state bills are seeking to ban employers from requesting confidential login information, including social media login information, as a condition of employment.  In fact, on April 9, 2012, Maryland passed Senate Bill 433/HB 964, prohibiting employers from requesting current and prospective… Continue Reading

What’s Not to Like?

Posted in Employment Law, Litigation, Privacy

A recent district court decision highlights the growing prevalence of issues relating to new media technologies arising in the courtroom.  In Bland v. Roberts, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia held that merely “liking” a Facebook page is insufficient speech to merit constitutional protection. Five former employees of the Hampton Sheriff’s… Continue Reading

Pinterest: Key Legal Considerations in Using the Internet’s Hottest Social Media Platform

Posted in Copyright, Event

Pinterest is 2012’s “most talked-about” social media platform and one of the fastest-growing standalone websites in history.  By tapping into the enthusiasm for gathering and presenting images that have been pulled from across the web, Pinterest has created a powerful content sharing platform – and has provoked strong objections from copyright owners.  Companies that are considering… Continue Reading

New York Court to Criminal Defendant: Your Tweets May Be Used Against You

Posted in Litigation, Privacy

In past Socially Aware posts, we have discussed using subpoenas in civil litigation to obtain evidence from social media sites, including whether individuals have a privacy interest in this information and how the Stored Communications Act may limit the use of subpoenas in civil cases.  Until now, we have not discussed these issues in the… Continue Reading

What’s Your Facebook Password?

Posted in Employment Law, FCC, Federal Communications Commission Reform Act, Privacy

According to press reports, a growing number of employers require job applicants to disclose their login information for Facebook or other social media accounts as a condition of employment.  While this practice may very well fall on the wrong side of the law, lawyers and lawmakers are still in the process of establishing the framework… Continue Reading