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Could the Use of Online Volunteers and Moderators Increase Your Company’s Copyright Liability Exposure?

Posted in Copyright, DMCA, IP, Litigation, User-Generated Content

With over one billion websites on the Internet, and 211 million items of online content created every minute, it should come as no surprise that content curation is one of the hottest trends in the Internet industry. We are overwhelmed with online content, and we increasingly rely on others to separate good content from bad… Continue Reading

Social Links: Burger King ad triggers Google Assistant devices; suits allege infringement of copyrights in content posted to social media; Twitter’s hidden “dislike” button

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Free Speech, User-Generated Content

Without Google’s permission, Burger King ended one of its television commercials with a statement designed to automatically cause Google Assistant devices to read a list of the Whopper’s ingredients out loud. Having passed the 1.2-billion-user mark, Facebook Messenger is now twice as popular as Instagram. A lawsuit alleges Anheuser-Busch and one of its distributors impermissibly used… Continue Reading

New Copyright Office Rule Creates Potential “Gotcha” for Blogs and Websites Hosting User-Generated Content

Posted in Copyright, DMCA, User-Generated Content

If your company operates a website or blog that hosts user-generated content, you’ll want to read this post carefully. We’re ringing the alarm bell on an important new U.S. copyright law development that, if ignored, could significantly increase your company’s potential liability exposure in connection with user-generated content. If your company hosts user-generated content, such… Continue Reading