150514SociallyAwareThe latest issue of our Socially Aware newsletter is now available here.

In this issue of Socially Aware, our Burton Award-winning guide to the law and business of social media, we discuss a recent decision in Virginia protecting the anonymity of Yelp users; we examine the FTC’s much anticipated report, “Internet of Things: Privacy & Security in a Connected World;” we explore the major social media platforms’ approaches to handling deceased users’ accounts; we highlight a recent CJEU case holding that extracting large amounts of data from public websites—commonly known as “web scraping”—may violate website’s terms of use; we highlight the first-ever award of “any damages” for fraudulent DMCA takedowns; we drill down on important precedents that are defining the multi-channel programming distribution industry; and we take a look at cross-device tracking in interest-based advertising.

All this—plus an infographic featuring some intriguing online dating statistics.

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