Thomson Reuters’ The Daily Docket interviewed Cecillia Xie about her popular TikToks, where she mentors followers and helps them navigate law school and legal careers.

“What I want to encourage young attorneys to do is take a step back from the environment of law school and think about what really makes them happy and what

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Every December and January you can count on the trade press and the mainstream media to run lists of predictions for the upcoming year and retrospectives on the year past ranking the “best” and “worst” of everything from podcasts to memes. Social media users have even begun publishing lists of their own most popular posts. (Instagram users, for example, have been creating their own “best nine 2016 Instagram pics” posts using a web generator.)

At Socially Aware we’ve made an annual tradition of curating a “List of Lists”—an inventory of the roundups we think will be of most interest to our readership.

We’ll update this page throughout the month as additional pertinent content is published.

Happy 2017!

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Last year, entrepreneurs, companies and courts grappled with questions over content owners’ rights with respect to livestreaming, Yelp reviewers’ anonymity expectations, bankruptcy creditors’ access to business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the constitutionality of laws punishing the posters of revenge porn and banning ballot selfies. And federal regulators weighed in on emerging

Well, it’s that time of the year, when our news feeds are dominated by lists of predictions for the coming year. We thought it might be helpful to our readers to gather links to various technology and social media-related predictions for 2015. We’ll post additional links here over the coming weeks:

Technology & Social Media

Invisible hits. What could possibly be meant by the following tweet? “CA-40/43-44/49-44/44-50/36-44/49-10/16/14-52–>49/476-10s.” According to a recent CNN report, GOP groups tweeted such seemingly meaningless gibberish in order to communicate key, up-to-the-minute polling data for U.S. House of Representatives races just before the recent midterm elections. Campaign operatives who followed the House races closely could

Are you a JD who is tuned into and excited about the legal landscape of social media? Ready for the opportunity to write full time? Morrison & Foerster’s Technology Transactions group in New York is recruiting for a Business Development Writer to craft articles, blogs, and presentations on leading social media-related topics with appeal to