Searching social. At long last, tweets will appear in Google search results as soon as they’re sent, as the result of a deal that the two Internet giants recently struck. As part of its efforts to increase user growth and attract more eyeballs to its social media platform, Twitter is finally giving Google immediate access

Bad ads. New research shows that 5% of the people visiting Google-related websites are using computers infected with programs that insert illegitimate ads onto web pages; as a result, these web surfers see ads that site operators haven’t been paid to run and that may even be promoting products or services that are objectionable to

Platforms against porn. For a while now we’ve been tracking the legal landscape of revenge porn—the public dissemination of nude photographs without the subject’s consent, usually by a jilted paramour seeking retribution. More than a dozen states now have laws criminalizing the posting of revenge porn, the victims of which suffer untold harm to their

Out with the inbox? The overwhelming popularity of workplace-specific platforms that facilitate coworker communication—commonly referred to as “enterprise social media”—is undeniable. But are these platforms poised to someday supplant business email accounts altogether? New York Times technology columnist Farhad Manjoo thinks so. The one big advantage that enterprise social media platforms like Slack have over

Forced friendship. A committee of the Arkansas Senate is expected to vote this week on a bill that would allow companies and other organizations responsible for supervising minors to require their employees to include a supervisor or manager in the employees’ list of social media contacts or friends. Specifically, the bill exempts employers at schools,

Blawg rules. The California State Bar has issued an opinion outlining the circumstances under which an attorney’s blog would be subject to the requirements of the California State Bar Act’s Rules of Professional Conduct regulating attorney advertising. According to the opinion, a legal blog qualifies as attorney advertising if it conveys the message that

Social media for minimalists. These days, the information flooding the news feeds on some social media platforms can feel overwhelming and redundant. Take Twitter, for example—a medium whose popularity has resulted in a user experience that technology futurist Nova Spivack compares to “a crowded room where everyone is shouting.” Explaining his theory behind the

Tiny tales. Short videos featured on the messaging app Snapchat, known as Snapchat Stories, are the future of social media, at least according to Casey Neistat, a YouTube filmmaker with more than 480,000 subscribers. Neistat attributes what he says has been the unprecedented response to his Snapchat Stories to two things: (1) the fact

Pupils, passwords and privacy. A law that went into effect on January1st has the parents of some Illinois school children asking themselves how much of their children’s privacy they’re willing to forgo to keep cyberbullying in check. The new Prairie State law requires students to surrender their social-media-site passwords to school officials if—according to a