The Law and Business of Social Media
January 11, 2016 - News and Announcements

2015: Our Greatest Hits

Last year, entrepreneurs, companies and courts grappled with questions over content owners’ rights with respect to livestreaming, Yelp reviewers’ anonymity expectations, bankruptcy creditors’ access to business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the constitutionality of laws punishing the posters of revenge porn and banning ballot selfies. And federal regulators weighed in on emerging issues such as cross-device tracking and the Internet of Things, as well as native advertising, marketing, and paid endorsements on social media.

We did our best to cover it all. But—of course—some articles resonated with our readers more than others. These were the most popular posts that appeared on Socially Aware in 2015:

  1. #Trademarks?: Hashtags as Trademarks
  2. Infographic: Social Media Marketing
  3. Social Media E-Discovery: Are Your Facebook Posts Discoverable in Civil Litigation?
  4. Data for the Taking: Using Website Terms and Conditions to Combat Web Scraping
  5. Employer Access to Employee Social Media: Applicant Screening, “Friend” Requests and Workplace Investigations
  6. First-Ever Award of “Any Damages” for Fraudulent DMCA Takedowns Under Section 512(f)
  7. Twenty Years Down the Road: A Q&A With Paul Goldstein, Author of Copyright’s Highway
  8. Shorter and Simpler, Yes – But Is IBM’s New Cloud Services Agreement Any Sweeter? 
  9. Five Social Media Law Issues To Discuss With Your Clients
  10. Big Data and Human Resources—Letting the Computer Decide?