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January 08, 2018 - Blockchain, Marketing, Cybersecurity

A List of Lists

A List of Lists

Often derided as clickbait, listicles get a bum rap. They can be light on substantive content, sure, but sometimes that’s a good thing, especially for the busy readers of legal blogs, who would do well to treat themselves to some easily browsable reading material once in a while.

And so, at Socially Aware, we’ve made an annual tradition of curating a “List of Lists”—an inventory of the predictions, retrospectives and roundups that we think will be of most interest to our readership.

We’ll update this page throughout the month as additional pertinent content is published.

Happy 2018!

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Social Media Marketing

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The 100 Best Android Apps Turn Your Phone Into a Jack-of-All-Trades

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain: Predictions for 2018

Ten Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018 From the Co-Founder of the Blockchain Research Institute

Technology (General)

The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According to Top VCs

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