The Law and Business of Social Media
April 15, 2016 - First Amendment, Marketing, Big Data, Litigation

Social Links: A social media marketing fail; Facebook and prisoners, jurors, older people

We’re trying something new here at Socially Aware: In addition to our usual social-media and tech-law analyses and updates, we’re going to end each work week with a list of links to interesting social media stories around the Web, primarily things that caught our eye during the week that we may or may not ultimately write about in a future blog post.

Here’s our first list – enjoy!

Should prisoners be allowed to have Facebook pages?

Why do older people love Facebook? A New York Times writer asked her 61-year-old dad.

Judge upholds ex-cop’s murder conviction despite defense’s claim that juror’s Facebook posts evidenced a dislike for police.

The CIA’s venture capital arm is investing in companies that develop artificial intelligence to sift through enormous numbers of social media postings and decipher patterns.

Another cringe-worthy social media marketing campaign gaffe, this time by KFC Australia.

Facebook will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support through chatbots.