The Law and Business of Social Media
May 06, 2016 - Digital Content, Privacy, Wearable Computers

Social Links—The most disliked movie trailer ever; using social media to plan trips and land job interviews; and more.

Facebook users spend more time on the platform than they spend pursuing any other leisure activity, except TV. Indeed, 1/16th of the average user’s waking time is spent on the platform.

The most disliked movie trailer in history, according to YouTube.

New California law would determine what happens to your Facebook and email when you die. This article explains what’s likely to happen to your social media assets if you die anywhere else.

Guess what percentage of U.S. households own a wearable?

According to the messaging platform’s own CEO, Snapchat is not social media.

Twitter filed a lawsuit arguing it should be allowed to publicly disclose more details about requests for information from the government.

Fail! Another NYPD social media campaign gone bad makes headlines.

How your social media profiles make you vulnerable to identity theft, and what you can do about it.

Tips for using social media to plan your vacations and land a job.