The Law and Business of Social Media
October 05, 2016 - Cyberbullying, Privacy, Free Speech, Wearable Computers

Social Links: Facebook at Work; Google’s Allo messaging app; Snapchat’s Spectacles

Facebook at Work, the on-the-job version of the web’s most popular social media platform, will launch in London on October 10th.

Add iHeartRadio to the list of Internet radio platforms that will be offering an on demand music streaming service.

California law will be updated to explicitly prohibit drivers from browsing social media or taking selfies (or other photos) while they’re behind the wheel.

Should you download Allo, Google’s new messaging app?

Florida appeals court: A student’s tweet stating that he “can’t WAIT to shoot up [his] school” is not a criminal threat under Florida law.

Available to consumers later this fall, Snapchat’s Spectacles are already raising the kinds of privacy concerns that plagued Google Glass.

Will artificial intelligence and robots eliminate millions of jobs? Not if these five tech giants can help it.

A tool is being developed to help law enforcement scan Twitter for signs of impending hate crime.

Meetup redesigned its mobile apps and website.

A rumination on cyberbullying, online anonymity and the dark side of human nature.