The Law and Business of Social Media
July 01, 2016 - Data Security, Cyberbullying, Marketing, Employment Law, Litigation

Social Links: Implications of Facebook’s algorithm change; branded emoji; free travel apps

The Internet is abuzz over the Facebook algorithm change. Here are the implications for marketers and publishers and for regular users.

U.S. Customs wants to start collecting the social media accounts for foreign travelers.

Court: Woman fired for posting to her Facebook page that she would quit her job before doing “something stupid like bash in” her co-worker’s “brains with a baseball bat” is entitled to unemployment benefits.

Does artificial intelligence have a “white guy” problem?

It appears consumers have an appetite for branded emoji: Harper’s Bazaars emoji keyboard was downloaded 30,000 times in 24 hours.

Meet YesJulz, Snapchat royalty.

And here’s a list of several more impossibly popular social media celebs who you’ve likely never heard of.

Seven things everyone should know about cybersecurity and social media.

Do anonymity and social mix? An interesting Q&A with the founder of Secret, an anonymous social messaging platform that was valued at $100 million before it shuttered as a result of bullying.

Hitting the Tarmac this holiday weekend? Here’s a list of free or cheap travel apps worth downloading.