The Law and Business of Social Media
June 17, 2016 - Advertising, Online Promotions, Marketing, Ethics, Mobile

Social Links: The ramifications of Microsoft’s LinkedIn purchase; the brands using Snapchat; lawyers’ social media use

Lots of press surrounding Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn: Will LinkedIn change as a result? Will the Microsoft purchase inspire a Twitter acquisition?

“Spam King” gets 30 months in jail for sending 27 million messages.

One columnist says you should stop measuring your social media marketing reach.

Twitter is now allowing brands to target ads to people based on their use of sentiment, food and passion emojis.

Entertainment streaming companies are tapping social media to learn what resonates with viewers.

Brands can now create their own ads on YouTube on the cheap using a smartphone.

Here’s an infographic illustrating how lawyers are using social media to market themselves.

Some insight into why influencer marketing works and best practices for teaming up with influencers online.

This article describes what kinds of brands are joining Snapchat, and what types of content they’re posting to the platform.

Snapchat aims to become a huge player in digital ads. Here’s how.