The Law and Business of Social Media
May 20, 2016 - Live streaming, Marketing, Privacy, Section 230 Safe Harbor, Litigation

Social Links—Twitter loosens up; case against Google stands; should millennials be in charge of big social media campaigns?

Here’s how Twitter is loosening up its 140-character limit.

The federal government will now check the social media history of prospective employees before granting them security clearance.

One expert says C-level executives shouldn’t entrust millennials with their companies’ social media feeds.

Federal court refuses to dismiss a lawsuit against Google for allegedly removing sites from its search engine results.

Before a larceny arrest, a “cry for help” on Facebook.

Do strong social media campaigns really beget successful brands, or is it the other way around?

A lawyer representing students suing Google is questioning the impartiality of the federal judge hearing the case because the judge was just hired by this unrelated tech giant.

The New York Times live streamed one of its pitch meetings on Facebook Live, and not everyone thinks it was a great idea.

Some social media marketing satire, courtesy of The Onion.